How to draw the "Armeleinsatzpunkt -S" bow



I have a question for @Stinde because I noticed that he uses the Muller und Sohn system, but when there is anyone else who knows the answer I be more than open for any solution. I am using the book “Jacken und Mantel” I have a problem drawing a part of the sleeve . They use the Ae-S-bow of the front bodice and lay it on the sleeve-drawing and copy that by hand. I can’t find a solution in Valentina. I tried move and rotate but that doesn’t work. Maybe you have a smart work-around for that?


Here is one solution I made a year ago Have a look on it and comment if it answers your question. I have some examples of the jacket it the shirt is not enough. I have made one raglan sleeve as well.


Thank you very much for your quick respond. But I think that is not what I am looking for. I show you what I mean:

when I want to draw the sleeve I have to take all the measurements from the bodices. That is not a problem. The problem starts when I have to take the curve Ae-A11a. I have to position this curve with the point Ae on the line B1-B2 and position it in a certain way.

Use length of curve in pattern piece A in formula in pattern piece B

The point Ae has to lay on the point Aem. Then the point A11a has to come on the horizontale line B7. Because the horizontale and vertical measurements are different from the bodice arm, the curve has not only to be moved but rotated too.


I found an in-between solution which works for me. If anyone is interested I’ll be happy to explain.


Yes please! We’re all very curious.