How to draw a basic t-shirt?


Hello, i am a beginner and i have searched a video how to draw a basic t-shirt. I undestand how to use and draw my measerments, but i dont understand how to make armholes and sleeve (what meserments and tools to use). I will be grateful for any tips and links :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi, here I shared a kiddies T-shirt pattern with measurements file: Crest a Layout. And here, @slspencer shared her easy T-shirt pattern: Curves with same length.

Have a look at them and see if you can figure something out from them. A T-shirt can be made from the basic bodice and sleeve pattern in all the books teaching pattern making. And to create the armhole and a sleeve to fit into that armhole is a bit complicated to just explain like this.

Here is a site that has videos that you can follow:

And this one gives written instructions:

And here’s one with a raglan sleeve:

I hope these help you. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you have any problems further :slight_smile:


Thank you Grace, it was very helpful!

Now i struggle in Seamly how to draw a “french curve” to the sleeve. I have read the ebook, but don´t understand completle what tools to use. ( also english isn´t my first language :slight_smile: )

Is there a tool that i can mark the first point (B) and then enter the lenght (say 10cm) and what line it shoud cross (B4)? I will try to add a picture in here.


I found that tool (point at intersection of arc and line) and manage to do that line B to B5.

I have checked twice my measurerments, but still dont understand why the sleeve drawing is wrong. B5 should be the farest point from the B to B2 line?

Adding picture from my drawing.


Currently, there is no ‘French Curve’ tool, it is under discussion in another topic. You need to use the Simple Curve or Curved Path tool and adjust the handles to suit the shape you are creating.

We tend to manage very well :slight_smile:, thank you for using English, it makes things easy for me.

Which instructions are you using to create your T-shirt pattern? The tool ‘Point at Intersection of Arc and Line’ is the correct one to create the shoulder line of your pattern, But the distance from B to B1 seems to be very high. I’ll need to see the instructions that you are using and the measurements need to be taken according to the instructions. If you can let me have both the .val and the .vit files, I’ll be able to see what you are trying to do and advise you accordingly.


Looking at your pattern, there seems to be a problem with the armscye depth on the bodice. On the pattern, it looks like this:


You can see that the neckline falls above the line from E.

While on your pattern, it falls below the line:


In the interest of ‘teaching’ I see that you have created nodes on top of nodes in an effort to get the lengths of the lines. I also did this in the beginning until I learnt that drawing a line between 2 nodes using the ‘Line between 2 points’ tool would give me the measurement if I just hover the cursor over the line. It also makes the length of the line available in the formulas.

I’m quickly going to work my way through the video and then I’ll come back to you.


Ok, I see this is more a preference and the image on the drafting page is more for a very close fitting T-shirt at the neck.

Here is what my pattern turned out like :slight_smile: