How to delete the whole pattern piece

So, in the last pattern I made a lot of experiments making circle skirts, and now I have some pattern pieces I don’t need. I wonder if there’s any way to delete the whole pattern piece?

For example, in one pattern file, I have back, front, sleeve, pants, circle skirt 1, circle skirt 2 and circle skirt 3 pattern pieces inside. Now I want to delete circle skirt 2 and circle skirt 3 pattern pieces. Is that possible?

Thanks for the help!

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No. You have to delete each object one at a time… In backwards order. Also to note… you cant delete an object if it is used in a detail piece. You have to delete the detail piece first.

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I think if you still need to do this then you can do it on the pattern share website - you don’t need to share the pattern.

  1. upload it to the pattern share (
  2. create an editable version
  3. delete the pattern piece(s) you don’t want
  4. export

Let me know if you would like me to post screen shots of how to do this.

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Correct me if I’m wrong… but are you talking about deleting a " detail" piece so it does not show in a layout export? This is not the same as deleting a (IMO misnamed) “pattern piece” in Draw mode… which is what the OP wants to do.

I can confirm that I’m talking about deleting a pattern piece from draw mode. Shall I upload screenshots?

Here’s how to delete a pattern piece using the pattern share website.

(Note, the pattern share website is not intended for general pattern edits. It just so happens that deleting bits of patterns fits in well with the relational model used to import the pattern. Don’t try creating bits of pattern directly on the website, it almost certainly won’t work!)

Walkthrough - deleting a pattern piece.pdf (378.8 KB)


Thank you very much!

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Hello Everyone,

I’m new here, not sewing for a very long time yet :slight_smile:

But, After 45minutes of deleting every point and line in opposite order… (uploading and deleting as suggested might work as well, but the uploading keeps failing here, FML :wink: ) I accidently clicked on the startingpoint B (with another 15 points to go) and pushed the delete button and… The whole pattern piece was deleted.

So, no FML for me anymore :smiley: Just click the basepoint (the first point, “B” in my case) and delete :slight_smile:


Hi @Sus, and welcome :slight_smile:

Nice work-around. I’d never tried that, and it works!!! Thank you.

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it is amazing the things we take for granted and do not even bother to ask about. One of the first things I discovered by accident when I began using Valentina which has carried over into Seamly2D is the fact that deleting the origin point would delete the whole piece. It never occurred to me that not everyone knew that. :wink:

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Ahhh… no. Will not always work. Deleting a base point in Valentina, Seamly2D, and my version with an advanced pattern results in:


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when @Douglas used the term “advanced pattern” the issue is apparent from the error message. His pattern contained a formula in a pattern piece (with base point F) that relied on the length of a line created in another piece (with base point A). The error happened because there still existed a formula that was dependant on something in pattern piece A.

A way to create advanced patterns without introducing this type of problem is to avoid having a dependency of one piece on a formula in another.

Any operation that attempts to delete something that is used as a basis for another object will fail.

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