How to delete a curve



I have drawn a complicated pattern with a few erroneous curves that I can’t get rid of. I get that you have to remove any dependencies to those curves before deleting them, but I think I should have none. Is there a way to check the dependencies? I have tried twisting my curve and seeing if anything changes but nothing useful happens. My erroneous curve is stuck.

I appreciate any help!

  • Katja

  • Have you already made a detail from it?
  • maybe you can see what comes after the curves in the “history”



I just found the solution. There was an invisible point that didn’t show since Seamly couldn’t calculate it. This invisible point was dependent on my curve. I found out about this only after opening my design on Valentina. Valentina’s error message identified the name of the point. I spend a lot of time looking for it! I don’t remember exactly what I was doing when I got another error saying something about “the intersection of two curves”. I remembered that I tried once calculating and intersection of my erroneous curve to another one that didn’t actually intersect the erroneous curve. The invisible point was the result of this never-finished calculation. I changed the other arc to momentarily intersect the erroneous curve and - Yay! - the point appeared. I was thus able to delete it and then removed the curve.

If somebody more experienced wants to add this to the errorlist, feel free!


@withmyhandsdream, do you still have a copy of the .val and .vit file that help illustrate the problem? if you upload those (especially the one with the “invisible” point) then the problem can be duplicatable and I will add it to the software issue list.


Hi! I have the .val file but where I can find the .vit file?


On my (Ubuntu) machine, the .vit files are stored in /home/kim/seamly2d/measurements/individual. To find where they are on your machine, open Seamly2d. Click “File” at the top and click “Paths” from the window that pops up. That will give you a list of the places that files are stored. (By the way, you can change the paths from this window if you have a reason to do so). Most likely the .vit file you use is stored in the location indicated by the first entry, which is “My Individual Measurements”


Ah, I don’t have a .vit file since it is a multisize pattern. I have .vst instead. Where I can upload it?


.vst file means you developed it with to use a multisize measurement file. That is fine and yes, please upload it. Here is a screenshot that shows the icon that you should click to be led through the process of uploading a file to this forum:



suomineito.val (30.6 KB) Aldrich_girls134.vst (1.4 KB)

Ok. Here they are! The problematic curve, that I couldn’t remove, is in a separate group called “Vanha kädentie”. If I remember correctly, the invisible point was A39. It should be the intersection of the curve and the arc centered at A10.


thank you. I have the files and I will investigate to see if I can recreate a problem. Do you remember the name of the arc that you changed?

I assume you referring to the arc centerd at A10?


Yes. Sorry, I was away from my computer. I hope you can replicate the error!