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@alinegesualdi Here’s a screenshot, the button reading “Browse… or drag” is the upload button:

GT: Aqui está uma captura de tela, o botão “Browse… or drag” é o botão de upload: patterncloudupload

I think the option to share the pattern is part of the upload process, but @Grace & @MrDoo know more about it.

GT: Acho que a opção de compartilhar o padrão faz parte do processo de upload, mas @Grace e @MrDoo sabem mais sobre isso.


To share your patterns.

  1. Upload them to your ‘My Patterns’. Drag the .VAL file onto the [Browse… or drag] button, and the measurements when prompted. Patterns and measurements are private by default.

  2. Assuming that it uploads okay (if it doesn’t then pop me an email at and please note the exact time of the error) then you can use the … icon to bring up the menu for the pattern and pick the ‘Share’ option.

  3. You can then choose which groups/contacts you share the pattern with, how free a licence to apply, and whether to also share measurements.

All feedback welcome! Please feel free to email me at, or through this forum as appropriate.

I’ve recently updated the ‘Export shared pattern’ walkthrough, and will update the others as soon as I can to reflect the quite substantial changes to the site that have been made in the last few months.


I’ve added functionality to so that patterns can be shared with a link. The link can be used without registering or logging in. The intention is to provide a convenient way to discuss patterns, techniques etc. without needing to download .VAL and .VIT files. It should also work in iPads and Android devices.

For example

To create a shareable link for a pattern, upload the pattern and then from the Sharing tab of the the pattern’s definition use the [Create shareable link] button.