How To Apply Grading On The Existing Pattern?

How To Apply Grading On The Existing Pattern to fit make it fit to other Body Sizes (S, M, L, XL)?

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This topic is currently being discussed over here: Grading/Multi-size in Seamly 2D if it does not answer your questions yet, please ask for clarification in that thread. (That will make it easier for users to find all the pertinent information.)



Let’s say I created

a) Measurements for a T-Shirt in Large Size


b) T-Shirt Pattern

and I try to grade it to a Small Sized T-Shirt.

So I have to open “a) Measurements for a T-Shirt in Large Size” and re-enter those values one by one for a Small Sized T-Shirt and re-save as Small Size.

Then apply It to b) T-Shirt Pattern I had created.

It is the only way. Right?

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That would be one way. You could just take the measurements off any commercial pattern and save an “individual " measurement file for each stock size. I would expect though with a T-shirt a chest measurement is all that’s needed. Off the top of my head… given a 4” grade between off the shelf mens sizes. XS - 32", S - 36", M - 40", L - 44", XL - 48", 2XL - 52.

I should note though, that technically in Seamly2D you’re not really grading, but rather creating made to fit patterns. It’s a matter of semantics.

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