How does one report bugs?



On this Forum I get the strong impression that it is not the place to report Bugs. On Github it seems that it is, and that links should be used between the two… Which is correct please?

With apologies if this _is_the wrong place, I have an issue with ExceptionBadId error messages, which I have placed in the following link:


It is better to report it here first, along with an image of your Seamly2D version. Sometimes these errors can be repaired without bug-fixing, so we try to get the programmers and the community to discuss how it can be resolved.

I’ve just read your post on Github and I’m not too certain about the status of that bug, either, so I’m hoping someone with more experience will let us both know what’s happening :slight_smile:


Thank you Grace. Me too!! :rofl:


Any further views on this issue? It’s a month since my last post and the issue itself has been lingering for 18 months since first being raised. I’m still struggling with it and would love to understand what’s going on, especially if it’s somyhing I’m doing wrong.


Hi, again @andrewb. Our problem is that we don’t have enough programmers assisting with the issues and programming side of things. I am a bookkeeper and have minimal (almost none) programming skills. I use Seamly2D for my private and personal hobby use and give back to the program by helping others to use it. The programmers also have day jobs and give back to the program by helping with the programming side of things. This is a community based project that is offered for free (open source) and all services to the program are also offered for free.

The best that we can do is to be patient and wait until one of the programmers see the problem and fix it for us when they have time in their busy schedules.


Well, by definition, a software error appearing in front of the user like this is a bug, whether or not the user could have done something differently.

As far as I can see each pattern the user has open opens in a separate process, so there is no real distinction between the menu item “close pattern” and simply closing the window, or am I missing something?

If there is no difference, the simplest solution would be to remove the window menu, as it doesn’t seem to be adding anything useful.


Yes, that’s how I use Seamly, I open the next pattern that I wish to work on and then use the X at the top right to close the one I no longer wish to work on.

Previously, by using the Window > Close Pattern, Seamly closed the open pattern and gave a blank drawing board, as if you have just opened the program, so that one could either open another pattern or create a new pattern.


I have noticed that while the “x” to close a window seems to work the same way as does the “close pattern” menu item in the windows operating system that the “close pattern” menu option works more cleanly in some linux (ubuntu) configurations. I believe this is a function of the way Qt is supported on different platforms. I have not made an exhaustive examination to track these differences yet and I can’t comment on how the “x” to close a window might behave differently in a “MINT” distribution of Linux. In general, I would recommend that the “close” box or “close” menu options be used whenever possible and that the “x” to close a window be avoided.


Thanks for all the answers folks! So I have a workaround even if it is felt a little inelegant - closing using the x sits fine with me although I tended to shy away from it instinctively, possibly along similar lines covered in kmf’s post. Calum - special thanks for your additional information, as well as the posts. And Grace - apologies if I seemed to be nipping at anyone’s heels! I get what Seamly2D is all about and genuinely salute the people that make it happen. Just sought an answer/workaround/fix before I inadvertently ended up losing quite a lot of hard work! I’ll be good in future!


BTW, I forgot to post a note here that I did try to do some tracing through the code to find the error. Haven’t nailed it yet but I added some notes to the issue on Github - if anyone has more knowledge of the relevant classes they might be able to pin it down.


Callum - apologies, I’ve only just picked this up. Grateful for your help getting this resolved. :blush:


My apologies back to you, @andrewb, I guess I was having a bad hair day :frowning: and I really was only explaining the situation for everyone. I really do wish I could do more on the programming side.