How do you move something?

There is a “move” tool. And the Wiki has absolutely no information on it.

I’ve tried all the usual things to get it to work - click and drag, select the arc and drag … nothing affects the object.

See this video about using the Move tool.

  1. select the Move tool
  2. select your objects – press CTRL while selecting multiple objects with your mouse then press ENTER (this method to select multiple objects is the same for all Valentina tools.) A popup dialog box will appear.
  3. Enter the distance and angle where you want the copied objects to move to.
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@TsuDhoNimh, the tool does not exactly MOVE the object. What it does is create points that you can use in defining the “moved” object. I have included a .val file and a screenshot to help illustrate what I am about to describe.

You can download the .val file from this post if you need to look at it. What I did was create a simple pattern (no measurements or .vit file required) and create the points “A1” and “A2” using the Point at distance and angle tool. I then created points “corner1”, “corner2”, and “corner3” by the same method. I drew the line connecting corner1 and corner3 using a different tool, called “line between points” from the line submenu list.
move-square-example.val (2.2 KB)

Then, it seemed to me logical that one might want to “move” the small square. I clicked on the operations submenu (left side of screen) and looked at the bottom left of the screen for context specific directions. Those directions were "Select one or more objects, hold Ctrl for multiple selection, Enter - confirm selection. Note that for the corners of the square, the tool creates new points with the suffix “a1” to identify them. (you may change the suffix if you prefer)

For an arc, it does in fact move the arc.

As with most tools, the copy and move and other operations will not work on Lines per se. You can move and flip and rotate the points, curves, arcs, circles. Then you draw in lines between points that you’ve moved.

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Other answers above are (of course) correct, but for anyone new to Valentina it may not be obvious that the Move tool is at the advanced end of the features.

If you are used to using vector drawing tools then the ‘move’ tool there will be one of the most common operations that you do. However, in Valentina, the location of each point, line etc. is described geometrically from the previous ones. From this perspective, to move a point, line, etc. you adjust the measurements, formula, or base points from which it is derived.

The Valentina move tool is really a ‘create a synchronised copy of a collection of points and apply the same offset to each of them’ tool. :slight_smile: Very useful when you need it, but you might create a lot of patterns before you do.



@MrDoo - You’re right, the Move tool creates a linked copy at a distance and angle to the original.

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Sooo… it should rather be called a ‘clone tool’? ‘duplicate tool’? ‘doppelganger tool’?