How do you change size?


Ciao sono nuova vorrei sapere questo : ho disegnato una gonna taglia 42, ora per trasformarla in una taglia 44 devo disegnare di nuovo tutto ???

Dove posso trovare le istruzioni o i video ?? Grazie Laura

Hello I am new I would like to know this: I drew a skirt size 42, now to turn it into a size 44 i have to draw it all again ???

Where can I find instructions or videos ?? Thank you Laura


Just go to measurements panel and load file with other measurements. If you made your pattern with formulas (rather than fixed numbers) - the program will recalculate your pattern. There is an option to work in a multi-size format, but i don’t know how, as I am also new to Valentine.


Good answer.

For work in multi-size format you must load multi-size measurements. In this case you will be able to switch between sizes and heights instantly. But to be useful it requires specially formated measurements. For most will be very hard to find such tables. This is the main reason why we want to redesign multi size measurements.


grazie provero a lavorarci un po Laura

thank you Try to work a little bit Laura