How do I put a .val and .vit on the wiki?


I wanted to put snapshots of the .val-file for the tutorial shirt on the wiki, so that people have some help if they don’t get their own file. Only, if I try to upload the files it says that the file contains html that could cause browsers to interpret the code and the only option I get is to clear the list (it doesn’t work with single upload either).

How should I do that; make an extra page for each snapshot and link?

Hi @moniaqua

I think, either zip the files so that they can be downloaded as a zipped file (which should upload ok), or upload the files to the pattern cloud or create a thread on here called “Wiki Patterns” with the files on it or something and place the url in your tutorial where they can find the files.

That’s about all I can think of :slight_smile:

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This one I tried, but zips don’t seem to be accepted?

They are on there, I only wanted to avoid that people must register only to learn Seamly2D. I am still thinking about that matter; on one hand it is a good idea to lead them to pattern share, on the other hand it makes learning just a bit more difficult for people who aren’t that familiar with PCs.

Like a group or so? Didn’t find that yet :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

No, not a group, just a chat page like this one with the .val & .vit files uploaded to it that reference back to the tutorial and the tutorial references back to that page.

I think someone with higher status will need to fix this or at least help you with it. It may be that the permissions have been ‘unset’ and need to be reset (with all the changes over the past few months).

If it would help, we could tweak the pattern share website to allow sharing to a truly public group and allow download of those from the guest landing page. This would only work where you share both the pattern and measurements.


Do a screen capture… if using a PC it’s the Windows key + Print Screen keys… save as jpg or png. The default save folder is C:\Users\YourUserName\Pictures\ScreenShots. If you need to you can crop with your preferred graphix program. Upload the screen caps to the wiki.

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That would be great! :star_struck:

That would be an idea, too. The only thing is, that people can’t use that to work on. Part of the idea to provide snapshots was that people have a chance to work on if they really don’t succeed until then and go back to their .val later on when they understand more.

It looks like the problem with uploading XML is that the .val files include the prefix . HTML has tags the begins with <pre

So e really need a DTD which is accessible over the internet on a server. I have started to create this today.

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What if you just zip the .val and .vit files and upload the zip?

Then happens this: Screenshot_2017-12-13_09-18-16

@moniaqua For now, upload the .val & .vit files here on the forum, and from your wiki tutorial page link to the files here.

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I have updated the pattern share website to allow groups to be defined that are completely public (i.e. that even the guest homepage has access to). These are then displayed on the initial homepage (before you log in). Anyone can share a pattern to such a group, but the group owner or an administrator needs to approve it before it is displayed to everyone.

I have configured such a group on the test system ( so you can see how it works - I have just shared a random pattern in the group.

To cause this to work on the production system just share a pattern with the ‘Tutorial resources (public)’ group (and mention it in the forum so it gets approved). Anyone who wants the job of approving these let me know :slight_smile:


HI @MrDoo! Can you create a new thread with this new information about the pattern share? It’s buried in this thread.

Re-posted to new topic.

Happy new year!

I just tried to share one of the tutorial patterns. I am stuck with “Share measurements”, it is required but it doesn’t give me any options in the pull-down-menu

You first need to ‘customise’ your pattern for one of your individuals (which could be a standard size 12 for instance). This associates the pattern with a set of measurements. The site will then prompt you to complete the necessary measurements if any are missing. Once you have measurements associated with the pattern then they will appear in that drop-down list. (If they don’t then let me know.)

Thank you @MrDoo

What does that mean? The tutorial pattern uses a .vit-file or a “Modellina Skirt” with some measurements between two sizes; the .vit fie is uploaded. I suppose I might have to do something else?

Right now I am redrawing my patterns on Seamly2D because I went one or two versions to far with Valentina - very good thing to do btw, I caught some bugs in my tutorial - but as soon as I am done with the tutorial I’ll reload the new .val and .vit and have a look at the customization.

If you’re going to spend a lot of time redoing the patterns (and if you won’t want to) then I could probably make it so that you can import a >0.6 Valentina file into the system but have it export as a 0.6 Seamly file. Clearly any new Valentina features would be discarded, but the basic drawing would survive the process. If you would like me to do this then just send me an example and I can make sure that it can be converted in this way.

If you look on the “Individuals” tab you can see some red badges on the association with these patterns. If you click on these it will show you what the missing measurements are and allow you to enter them. Once they are entered then you should be able to pick that individual to associate with the pattern when you share it.

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