How do I print/export the drawing pattern

I don’t know if I have missed something obvious - but how do I print/export graphically the pattern with the lines . It looks as if printing is limited to the final layout.

Which version do you use? Build revision; b6e0a13808df

This version doesn’t support nothing except main path and seam allowance.

Are there vesrions which do allow exporting the drawing ?

What do you mean by exporting drawing? Version 0.4.5 supports export. Did you create a piece and create a layout?

I can export the third stage - final layout, with seam allowance.

But cannot print / export the drawing with points, guide lines etc. from the first stage.

I am trying to use this as a tool to learn Pattern Cutting - and I ’ need to show my working’.

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Probably you are talking about Issue #554.

I wanted to do this too, have you find a solution for this?


Hello, I’m looking for the same thing… (print or export the basic pattern on “draw” with all points) is there a way to do that? Thank you all for your kind help :slight_smile:

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No, not as far as I know. The only thing you can do is take a screenshot or save the pattern (with lots of Internal paths) as .svg and import it into a drawing program, like Inkscape, to add any other notes.