How can I get my A2 layout to tile to 4 pdf pages?

Hi, I’m trying to print this pattern - it definitely fits on A2 paper, and each of the two pieces fit on A3. The issue is that if I try to tile it, it’s shifted around and uses extra paper. Can anyone help me either get this to tile to 4 A4 pages or two lots of 2 A4 pages? image - I know I can just not print the blank pages but I don’t see why it should take 3 pages when an A3 sheet is just two A4 sheets and it clearly can fit on two.

I’ve tried playing around with various margin/layout settings but I can’t seem to get fewer than 6 pages for both pieces.

Thanks for any help

sarahskirtmeasurements.vit (686 Bytes) Productionskirtsarah.val (17.9 KB)

Productionskirtsarah.pdf (166.7 KB)

I’ve reduced the margins to 2.5 and landscaped the pages

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Lifesaver, thanks. I didn’t realise you could do that to the tiling settings so I’ll do that in the future.

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