How can I add a element to a groups already made?

Goog morning! if somebody knows how can I do it whithout create more a more groups it coud be very helpfull for me, thank you very much :slight_smile: ! image|559x425

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@ayme.rosas, could you please try again to post the picture? I am unable to see a picture that you tried to post. It will be easier for someone to help once someone can understand your question.

If your native language is not English, you are welcome to describe your question in your own language and it might be possible for someone to understand and to help you.

Si su idioma nativo no es el inglés, puede describir su pregunta en su propio idioma y es posible que alguien pueda entenderlo y ayudarlo.

Если ваш родной язык не английский, вы можете описать свой вопрос на своем родном языке, и кто-то может понять вас и помочь вам.

Si votre langue maternelle n’est pas l’anglais, vous êtes invités à décrire votre question dans votre propre langue et il pourrait être possible pour quelqu’un de comprendre et de vous aider.

Αν η μητρική σας γλώσσα δεν είναι αγγλικά, μπορείτε να περιγράψετε την ερώτησή σας στη δική σας γλώσσα και ίσως να είναι δυνατό κάποιος να καταλάβει και να σας βοηθήσει.

Se o seu idioma nativo não é o inglês, você pode descrever sua pergunta no seu próprio idioma e talvez seja possível que alguém o entenda e ajude.

Se la tua lingua madre non è l’inglese, sei il benvenuto a descrivere la tua domanda nella tua lingua e potrebbe essere possibile che qualcuno ti capisca e ti aiuti.

Hello @ayme.rosas, No, there’s no way you can add an element to a group. What I do is I close all the eyes of the groups except the one that I want to add to. And then I create a new group with all the elements that I want in the new group, delete the old group and rename the new one.


In Valentina you can add objects to an existing Group.

It’s not my intention to raise users for a software or another, I only give informations. I’m sorry if this can offend someone.


@luca_lavore absolutely no offense should be taken from one speaking the truth. thank you for chiming in!