Horizontal Grainlines

I am using Seamly2d Version on Mac OS.

When I orientate a patternpiece horizontally the grainline on the exported pdf (not in seamly 2d´s layout view) shows crooked as in the attached screenshot…

thank you

Confirmed. The grainline arrows are incorrectly drawn for any angle other than 90 degs in the pieces in layout mode, which will translate to a PDF export file. The grainlines are unaffected in the pattern pieces in piece mode.

I basically know what the problem is - I adjusted the geometry of the arrows to draw correctly without a fill, but failed to fully account for the rotation. Just need to find a correct arrow path that works.

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I fixed the arrow issue, which should appear in the next release.

I was tempted to fix a bunch of other issues with the grainlines- such as 2 different methods are used to draw the grainlines in piece and layout modes, when using the same grainline graphics item class in layout mode would make more sense so the grainlines a drawn exactly the same - but I’ll wait to do a more comprehensive update.