Half sizes

for a denim project i made a pattern and scaled it in half sizes: 27/28/29/30/31/32… Is there a possibility to label them automatically with the %size% - function or do i need to do it manually because the half steps are not available in the sizing chart27

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Hmmm… yes… This is a bit of a problem since Seamly is geared to 28/30/32, etc. however, there is a bit of a work around if you are loading Individual measurement files. If you go to File - Pattern Properties and then select the Label Data tab, you can edit the name to have the size included in the name:


Unfortunately, you will need to do this for each pattern size.


thank you grace, for your quick answer, you are really being helpful… i am currently doing something similar with a custom field, but when i do changes on the pattern i have to do it over and over again… with your solution have to do it only once per pattern and not for every piece-that´s great…

thank you