GUI Improvements

Mostly it’s helpful for us octal Inch users.

Same here. Seeing all the tools at once is still overwhelming to me, but at the same time I find myself wishing that I could at least have multiple toolboxes open at once! I’m sure there’s a good reason for it to be the graphic worker’s industry standard.



Yes… it’s for us getting old that need help remembering how to convert inches like 5 9/16" to 5… um


5.5625. LOL

If you’re referring to the “Toolbars”… you can choose to hide / show any ToolBar or Docks… that’s part of the standard Qt GUI. Just click with the Right Mouse button on any empty space on the Toolbar menu or Status bar and you can select which Toolbars / Docks you want visible. I just had everything visible for show.


Also by adding a “Tools” menu it allows the addition of keyboard short cuts to the menu item actions… a much faster way to work once you learn the shortcuts,


Other than adding and moving a few menu & items, you can continue to configure the program and work the same way as you are used. to.

Like: with everything hidden.


:cry: @Douglas, have you moved the Label Font from the Preferences? If so, where to, please? It’s something I use often (I’m probably the only person who uses it, but I need it :grin: )

Nope. Not changing the label font preference at all… other than probably moving the “units” to the Pattern page prefs where it belongs. Units are not a Language pref.


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The Label Font has gone - the one where you can choose which font you would like to use in the Label.

It used to be here:


I can’t see how… it’s still where its always been? I haven’t changed anything in the prefs since adding the default notch settings… here’s the last (local) build I did on wed… and I don’t see any thing in the Develop branch commit history of anyone else changing it.


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No, that’s the Language, not the font.

The font used to be here:


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I’m still seeing the “Label font” chooser in the 20200921 Linux Appimage

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This is what I’m seeing in Windows 10:


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I’m wondering if the problems aren’t with the Visual Basic rather than the program…

I take it you don’t have a font on your system named “3”. It’s definitely not the “MS Shell whatever” in your previous picture.

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Darn! I’m so sorry, @Douglas and thank you, @Pneumarian for pointing out my blindness. I really didn’t see the Label Font up there.

I really apologize for my extreme idiocy. I hit a total panic. Sorry, sorry, sorry.

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My bad…thought you were refferring to the “other” label font pref…

It still works on my end here:


All I did was move the Show second notch on seam to the Notches group box. Didn’t do anything with the font. I did happen to notice earlier when I downloaded the test fix for the Unicode issue, that it wanted to “fix” my Visual Basic before installing Seamly. ???


Sorry about the panic. Yes, it’s still there, just me being totally dumb. Sorry about that.

Yes, I have to do the ‘fix’ every time, too. And I’ve been wondering for a while now, if it’s not that causing the problem with the %. That problem only started after we needed to do this.

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While testing the zoom improvements I’m working on, I noticed some existing erratic behavior of the point label font while zooming… @Grace mentioned something about the fonts and the sizing ratio recently - I forgot where?

Anyhow here’s a short video showing the behavior while zooming in… noticed how the font gets bigger, then smaller, then bigger… all the while the kerning gets all whacky?

Anyone care about this? Should I try and fix it to make it zoom smooth(er)?


Where the text zooms when zooming in isn’t a problem that I have issues with so if you would like to fix it or leave it for another time, is not a problem as far as I’m concerned.

What I did mention is that when creating the label, you can choose the font size but this seems to work as a percentage of the label size and the longest sentence in the label, rather than points (pt) as in MS Word: Here my label width is 10cm:


While here it is 5cm:


I didn’t go out to adjust the zoom.

So this makes it really difficult rather difficult to maintain a constant font size throughout the pattern. One can only guess at what size to make each label so that they all look the same.

However, I’ve managed with it this long, so I’m used to it. It just seems a strange way. I would’ve thought that the width of the label should adjust to the size of the longest sentence.

I hope this helps you. :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:


It saves having to figure out the right pt. size of font to fill out the desired label area. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

What would be nice would be an option to auto-adjust the length to fit the content.

Also, to have “Detail label visible” auto-check when a label template is loaded. (More importantly also rename “Detail label visible” to “Piece label visible” or possibly “Pattern label visible” if the current “Pattern label” were changed to “Project label”.)


Ok… got it. Yes, in the pattern piece labels the font is resized to fit the label’s bounding rectangle. Rather a peculiar way to handle text. Generally in any graphics oriented program I’ve used, you select the font point size, and the text will usually word wrap, or flow around inserted images if it’s inserted into a paragraph box. Otherwise, it works the other way around, where the bounding rect resizes to the text, not the text to the bounding text.

Definitely an area that needs some improvement.

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Yes. I will address the term “detail” as it’s misused in several places. Problem is, from the source code point of view, much of where a variable / class / method should be named with pattern piece - it’s detail, and everywhere, and similarly places it should be (draft) block it’s pp (pattern piece).


Word-wrap would not be in alignment with the pattern-industry standard, would it? Giving each concept its own line makes it easier to find pertinent information at a glance.

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