Grading/sloper a pattern



I’m having trouble trying to figure out how to grade my pattern, would be easier if there was a video by Valentina with grading patterns, does anyone have any tricks on doing this? Or if it’s possible on this program?



Can you provide us more info? What exactly you cannot figure out?


Like what controls on Valentina would allow me to grade?



Thank you this has helped me a bit! Only just downloaded the program today :slight_smile:



Trying to get the pattern look like this with the grading any ideas?


Do you mean you want to get this image with Valentina?


Yes is there an easy way of doing it?


Short answer is no. We don’t have solution for this.


So best bet would be to print my patten then go along and grade it myself on the paper with pencil? Do you know if Valentina will eventually have that option to do?


No you can grade but you will have to do it one by one.


Why so radical?:scream: Valentina can get you graded result. But it cannot combine them together. You can export result in SVG and then only combine them. Why do manually work that Valentina can do for you much faster?

Some day we will definitely have this feature. It has number #21.


I also work with multisize patterns. I grade in Valentina and export them to Inkscape, so I can line them up properly.

It’s an extra step, but far quicker than doing it manually by hand.

Nice to see issue #21 on the list for future features. I would find it very useful and hope it will make it into 0.6 release.


Can’t give you this promise.