Grading problems only certain sizes warp

Hi I’m trying to print my pattern in multiple sizes but the pattern warps when I select some sizes. It is fine in sizes under 36 and over 40 its only two sizes in the middle for some reason. The darts turn upside down and it skews to the side. I don’t think its a problem with the measurement table because its only the two sizes in the middle that it happens with. Any idea how to fix it?


Can you show us your pattern with measurements?

I cant upload my measurement file because I’m not allowed to send attachments. I have figured out that the radius is flipping to the other side on the circle.

The tool is doing what it says, it is finding the point at which the arc intersects the line - however it does so at two places and has chosen the one you did not expect it to.

The darts are inverted as the line they are based on is rotating 180 degrees around point of origin.

You could base the point from a23 - at the same angle as a21 - a23 ( I presume zero/360 ) then length Line_A23_A23 = SQRT( ((KnownLength_Line_A24_A25)^2) - (( Line_A23_A24)^2)) )


Thank you :smiley: its fixed

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