I changed my mac setting to a setting smaller than default view

i still face the same visual glitch




Ok, here’s another one you can try:

It’s supposed to change the font on the lists, so perhaps it’s the better one ?!?


I don’t believe so… the default font size is set in the TMainwindow UI - which overrides the default system application font and unless redefined all children widgets are assigned it’s parent’s font. fontsize

Currently the height & size combo boxes are coded on the fly and the font size is NOT set… therefore I assume they’re the same as TMainwindow.

That said… The proper solution is to set the SizeAdjustPolicy and/or the minimumContentsLength of the combo boxes, NOT counting on reconfiguring the font size.

Also, IMO the combo boxes should be created (and populated if the values are static) in Creator NOT coded on the fly as they are now… this way it’s easier to maintain the GUI - that"s what Creator is for.


Ah! Ok, thank you @Douglas. I’ll create an issue for it.