Getting Exception when opening file


I worked on a file today. I saved it and then I wanted to open it again and then I got this message

First I thought it was because I downloaded the last version of Valentina but an other file opened well. Can you help me or is the file lost?


These are the files:


I can.

Your file is corrupted because the last increment has wrong name.

<increment name="#Verkleinen/vergroten_1" description="" formula="0"/>

Fix it to <increment name="#Verkleinen" description="" formula="0"/> and you can continue your work.

But i am wondering how to repeat this bug. Don’t have clue how you managed to write this name. Valentina should block invalid names.


First; looks easy to fix but how do I get acces to tabel; I don’t know of an other way then to open the file first and that is not possible. Second; when you want to make a new record in the increment table and you push the + button, the field ’ increment name’ gives a standard “#Verkleinen/vergroten_1”. I probably wanted to make a new one and then decided not to and left it there. When the name gives problems, the standard name in the program should be changed I think. For now I must be alert to delete the record.


Sorry, i thought this is obvious. You can open the file with regular text editor (not Word), for example Notepad. And edit that line.

Thank you, this exactly what i was looking! Time to write a test.:slight_smile:


And thank you!!!:relieved: