Gent jacket observations



Few development points of multipiece pattern. I attached a pattern for Gents Jacket (with tummy). It’s a development version therefore it is Finnish. However the main values in the Increments values has English comments. Those are in MainValues section. This pattern is for latest development version.

The notes

  1. Multiple seam allowances needed. Now I need to make the additional seam allowances in the pattern drawing. In this case the hem and back center seam in lining. Also I need to remember to to cut the seam in half in post production where 1cm and 0,5 cm is needed. The variable seam would be very useful.

  2. I have created a method to get drawings in side pattern. I use increment value (Printfix) for it. It’s non 0 when drawing and creating pattern details. In the printing I set it 0. This helps in some cases.

  3. In the layout it is easy to see how difficult is to manage the pattern pieces. If you try to print all on 24" roll paper, it is over 10 m long. The easiest way is to print fabric, lining, interface and other in separate sessions. However there should be a column showing what kind the parts are for the selection. The selection should be easier and there should be selection based on the pattern images.

  4. In this jacket there are need for

    • Fabric
    • Interface 1
    • Interface 2 ( different thickness)
    • lining
    • Interlining 1
    • Interlining 2 (different thickness)
    • pocket fabric The current preset of fabrics is not enough
  5. One important feature is when creating something like detail, group, rotation … I newer get right at the first time. Because there is no way to edit the selection, I have delete and start over again…and over again … again. There is a place for development.

  6. At least in my MAC this design works very slowly. I don’t know if it the size of the design or what.

  7. The labels create a lot of headache, when resizing the pattern. They move out the pattern piece. I have to manually go though all the labels every time. Also the the size of the labels is too big for the smallest parts. The collar base is too narrow. Still this is an adult person jacket. There should be a smaller font.

  8. When I have all the pieces cutout on the table, I wish that there could be different color for different fabrics. It would help a lot in the actual work.

  9. Susan, in this example the flipping occurs almost every time for me. Maybe you could get the video out of this.

  10. With this design it is easy to see how the auto placement work. I haven’t figured out the best configuration for best utilization. It not always very effective.

These are just comments and observations for discussion. I’m very happy with Valentina. I’d like hear I anyone have done something similar. I’m working on the jacket and I hope to get it finished next week. –Timo Gent Jacket with tummy.val (159.2 KB)

Problem Upgrading from 0.3 to 0.4 on Windows 7

You can add any you need. The combobox is editable. :slight_smile:


See issue #552.


I am not planing to change this behavior. The is no good solution to manage selection. You want all at the same time, this is impossible.


What do you mean slow? Do you know that Mac supported as it is. Complaining is only one possible way to fix issues on Mac.


Okay, good propose. I can add it as part of improving the Detail tool.


Please copy this text and open an issue. I will try find what can i do. Unfortunately this is not my code, but i will try my best.


I cannot add new material type. How can I do it?


This is first time I have seen the slowness. This needs more investigation.


Click inside the combobox Material Type.


This is actually hard to achieve because each detail can contains information about several fabrics it used for.


@Stinde, please add some avatar.:cry:


@Stinde, If you have time, please add your comments about improving the new Label on Detail feature. This will provide the developer several different perspectives on the same problem. Thanks! :smiley:


Maybe the labels can be enhanced by

  1. The label should always be inside the piece and the label should not over lap
  2. Maybe there could be automatic placement. The font size could have maximum size, which would be adjusted down for label to fit inside the piece.
  3. Colors can be used to classify the piece (fabric, interface, lining …)
  4. Maybe the labels could be linked to the grain line some how

Classifying pieces by color

I try to open this file, but it says is not ok for my Valentina Mac :frowning:


You need test version to open this file.