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I can access to the repository on Transifex, thank you. Can I ask you some questions? Do I have to appear at the team? Where? Are we several translators in French? If we are several who is the person in charge of the translators of French? What are the rules for which the team asks to respect to work together? How may I get back the sources of the program and compile them to verify the quality of my translations before delivering it? Do I have the right to modify French translations which seem to me inaccurate? Do I have to translate all which is present on Transifex or only what concerns the next version 0.5? How well to recognize the version 0.5? I did not see a directory for every version. I am sorry for all these questions but I prefer to ask before making a stupidity in the project.

  • Stéphane

You can work on your own or send messages to others on the French translation team.

22 people on French translation team (FR), user ‘cosina’ is coordinator, but she hasn’t been active in over a year.

30 members on French (France) (fr_FR), roman is the coordinator, but perhaps someone else would prefer to do this.

3 members on French (Canada) (fr_CA), Suzanne Gregory is team lead:

Basically the rules would be our Code of Conduct, as posted on this forum, as it is intended to apply to all digital and physical spaces of Valentina activity, whether shared with other projects or solely Valentina.

To compile and verify your translations, you would need to coordinate with Roman. He can tell you how to do this (perhaps you could document this process and post it on our wiki.)

You have the right to modify existing translations.

You may translate for current version 0.4.4 and for next version 0.5

AFAIK, the current version files will have 4.4 in the file name. Next version files do not have a version number in the file name.


Hi @sgarin,

Say me your nickname on Transifex and i will check.

There are several persons that requested access for translation. But i can’t name them as a team. I never saw discussions between them. So if you have any question you should as me here or on Transifex.

@slpencer answered this question. Additionally i will recommend you to read this document.

The main repository lives here dismine / Valentina — Bitbucket.

If you have only rights of a translator you can modify only string that were not marked as reviewed. But because i don’t know French i can’t check. So, not many of them were reviewed.

You can do as you wish. I will publish at least one more release for branch 0.4. So, fixing translation has still some sense.

You can recognize version by name. Resources with sufix _0.4.x in the end is for version 0.4.

That’s showing that you are adequate person. I like answer questions for such people. :+1:

Actually we have this document Hacking:Building that describes the process. But i want to update it little bit.

Bonjour Stéphane.

Je suis l’auteur de 30% de la traduction depuis le mois d’Août. J’ai essayé d’être le plus précis et le plus en conformité au métier de modéliste que j’ai été dans une autre vie. Le boulot m’empêchant de travailler, j’ai dû ralentir la cadence ces derniers temps. Je serais ravis que nous puissions faire avancer le projet ensemble.

N’ayant que très peu de connaissance en codage, je n’ai pu vérifier mes traductions car je ne sais pas compiler l’appli cation sur mac (je suis sur OS X). Si d’aventure tu t’y connais …


Hello Stéphane.

I am the author of 30% of the translation since August. I tried to be as accurate and most consistent with designer art that I was in another life. The job prevents me from working, I had to slow down recently. I would be delighted that we can move the project forward together.

Having very little knowledge of coding, I could not check my translations because I do not know compile the appli cation on mac (I’m on OS X). If by chance you know anything …


Actually there is a way do not compile the whole project. All you need is to convert .TS files to .QM and replace the original files from installer. If you interested in more details say me.

@Laureole if you need help setting up a build environment on MacOS, I may be able to help. I installed mine last week, so there is good chance I can guide you if you are still interested. :slight_smile:

HI @Laureole,

Je vous remercie pour tous vos travaux de traduction !
Dans Transifex, il vous suffit de traduire valentina.ts, valentina_0.5.x.ts, et measurements_p0.ts

Thank you for all of your translation work! In Transifex, you only need to translate valentina.ts, valentina_0.5.x.ts, and measurements_p0.ts

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