Forum is not a place for bug reports



I want to raise one important discussion. We became experiencing a lot bug reports on the forum. Bug reports it is always good. But the forum is not the right place to collect such information. We have the Issue tracker for this purpose. Bug reports on the forum very easy to lose. And i think it is a big mistake to allow community to report them here.

So, i want to propose new rule:

If you have a bug report you should create a ticket on the Issue Tracker. If you are not sure about your bug you still can post it on the forum. But when we will confirm it the thread will be closed and all further discussions will moved to the Issue Tracker.

The same right for feature proposals. For effective management we should use appropriate tools.

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What is the best place to discuss feature proposals?

In order to get my grips on C++ development (I’m a Java programmer) I may try to add the two features that would really help me.

Is the forum the best place to see if other people would be interested in these features? Do I simply start a new thread for each?


Hi @MrDoo, this appears to be the procedure:


  1. Users post their questions here on the forum to determine if it really is a bug. Otherwise the issues list will become swamped with noise.
  2. If a bug is confirmed they add it to the issues list, and the forum thread will be closed with a link to the issue.


  1. Users post their proposals on the forum to open discussion. This allows vetting of proposals if they’re relevant for everyone, not just a few. Even if the proposal is helpful for only a few users, then the community will probably be supportive if the case has been presented fully.
  2. If the proposal receives enough details and users like the idea, the proposal is added to the issues list and the forum thread is closed, with link to the issue.


Fantastic that you want to try your hand at this. Yes, start a new thread for each issue. We’d love to see what you have to say about the process, C++, it’s all good. We’re totally interested.