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Hi all, How to access formulas in “multisize” measurements? I can only access it from “individual”. It would have been useful to calculate other measures with existing ones (neckline width & depth, armholes line, etc.) Many thanks in advance. Kind regards,

Bonjour à tous, Comment accéder aux formules dans les mesures “multisize”? Je n’arrive à y accéder que depuis les mesures “individuelles”. Cela serait utile pour définir de nouvelles mesures à partir de celles existantes (profondeur et largeur de l’encolure, ligne d’emmanchure et de carrure, etc.) Merci d’avance Zamalia


Hi & welcome, @Zamalia

Formulas are not available in multisize measurements, only in individual sizes. Perhaps you can use the Increments for those measurements made from formulas (Menu>Measurements>Variables)?


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Hi Grace !

Thanks for your quick reply ! Actually, formulas are not available neither in the increments menus (and all other tabs in your screen). No worries, I will use the measures available and do the calculations instead. Just would like to know if there was an access I did not see.

I do not know if you are part of the development team but maybe interesting for the next amends even not urgent or essential :slight_smile: Also, would like to say congrats and thank you for this great software!

Many thanks again Grace. Kind regards


You’re very welcome :slight_smile:

And no, I’m not part of the development team, though I do wish I knew more about programming :slight_smile:

Here is how to do the formulas in Increments:

It works perfectly on my program :slight_smile: