Former US body measurements standard



Thought this might be of use: (I note that in addition to the standard sizing, there appear to be a set of grading tables at the rear.)

This is marked as withdrawn though, (so I strongly think it’s been obsleted by a more recent ASTM (chargable) standard.)

Does anyone have a print tutorial on how to setup a ‘standard’ in the tape part of the program?.


Basically you don’t need to worry about the measurements you don’t use. When using already made patterns from the books those are based very limited set of measurements. You should have those on your list.

Valentina has almost all you could imagine to satisfy all special requirements and even in those cases you would require a small subset.

I have tried to utilize these the best way, but it is very difficult in real pattern. I can manage successfully with 10-20 measurements.


Unfortunately we do not support standard measurements with inches. Plus your table should have correlation between data. Read more about standard measurements.

See issue #425. Standard table that based on individual files.


Not supporting Inches in standard measures is understandable ( It’s reasonably straightforward to convert Inches to the nearest mm value. Is there any rule about precision? typically I round up.)

In reading the documentation I’m not sure on something, the documentation says for standard figures you have “sizes” for horizontal distance. What “tape” measure is this ‘size’ figure from?


G04 - Bust circumference (bust_circ). Sometimes not full, only half.


Thank you

Looking at a rough conversion it won’t be possible to convert them directly, unless more direct support for 1/2 inch() increment graduations gets implemented in Tape ( For obvious reasons I don’t see that happening even in the long term ) I can of course still implement measures from the standard manually :slight_smile: