For developers - Where to help next?


I propose this thread for the developers who would like to contribute but don’t know which issue to do next.

In this thread we can discuss with the core team which issues we can work on.


So far I’ve worked on small issues and it’s good to get acquainted with the programming of valentina. I’d like to go on like this for a few more issues. What do you think are the best issues to work on next?


What do you think about this #654?


I’ll look into it, thank you


Heyla, I am new here, but this question sounds really helpful for creating a community around Valentina. I am not so familiar with Bitbucket, but does it feature some categorisation for difficulty of issues. It would be cool to have low hanging fruit for potential contributors.


As i know Bitbucket’s Issue Tracker doesn’t provide such information. The priority option is the most close to this. But i would recommend ask here before start. Sometime even easy task should not be touched because of future redesign.


I was thinking about working on issue #657 next. What de you think @dismine ? Or do you have a more suited task for me?


This feature is not so simple. But you can try. Thing is i added command line keys to generate a tiled PDF. This means you should also extend there, not only in GUI.


@ronanletiec, could you write short tutorial to share your experience? I like very much your way how you contribute to the project. I will appreciate very much if you describe how you select next task and discuss your proposal. You can post it here or on the wiki.


It’s nice to hear :slight_smile: I have written a wiki page :

I hope it’s what you had in mind. I will probably work on it again later on.


Thank you very much. This is exactly what we need. :+1: