Find the absolute length of a curve




Sometimes, I do a curve after a line and I need to recover the measurement of this curve. I know that the order is important, but Is there a way to recover it without to start all over again.

Thank you…Merci par avance pour votre réponse. Anita


Hi, @Anita, normally when you click on formulas, you can choose the option Length of Curves and the length of the curve should be listed there. See picture below:


The word recover hung me.:slight_smile: I expected to see word get in this case.

Yes @Grace is right. We use special names that allow to get values.


thank you very much for your reply but I knew this option. I think it’s better to have formulas when we change measurement. (je pense que c’est mieux qu’il y ait une formule. Cela permet ainsi que les changements soient automatiques lorsque l’on change les mesures et cela évite les oublis qui peuvent altérer un patron si l’on y pense pas).

Sorry for my English


Thank you, Sorry for my English.


They are also used when getting measurements from other parts of the pattern. If you use a standard (multisize) measurement file, these will be dynamic when changing the size of the pattern, so your line will always be the length of the curve, no matter what size of the pattern you choose. But is you are using an individual measurement, you can also use the formulas. If you change the pattern, it will change ell the formulas used automatically. So using formulas is always a better way than entering fixed numbers.

Sorry, I’ve just translated this bit and yes, it’s exactly as you say :slight_smile:


Thank you very much Grace, I tried what you indicated. It is a good idea. It is brilliant. Good day !


This idea is the basis of Valentina. And yes, @Grace is brilliant!


Hello @Grace, I am pretty new to Valentina, this is the first CAD pattern making sofware that I use. I have faced many times with the issue that I clicked on the object (usually curve) to see its length, but the Edit length window does not list that exact curve. How is it possible? What am I doing wrong in this situation?


Can you provide the pattern (if you prefer also per PN) and/or a printscreen?

Which version do you use? You find the build under Help - About Valentina in the menu:

What are the steps you do one after another when you create and want to use the curve?


Thank you for your quick reply, I have figured out how to write the Formula! :slight_smile: Valentina is a really good sofware I am just not used to it yet! :sweat_smile:


If you wish to see the length of the curve, don’t click on the curve, just hold the cursor over it. A box will pop up with the dimensions. (This also works for Lines)

Otherwise, if you go to Measurements, Variables and click on the Curves tab, you will find all the curve lengths there. (Lines are in the Lines Tab)

If you wish to edit the curves length, you will have to move the handles or change the formulas slightly.

Haha, very well done :slight_smile:


I had lately the issue, that it doesn’t show lengthes of curves and lines when I wanted to add the line in the forumula-editor while adding a point. I am just not sure when exactly it happens, so I didn’t write an issue. That’s why I asked for the version; it came with one of the newer builds. But as @zsofaletta figured out the formula she might use a different version and simply hadn’t found something :slight_smile: . Good that it works now :+1: