Find basic pattern to start

Hello to all , I am new to patern making but I am a smart learner . I surf the Blog and I am looking for basic pattern to start to make my pattern. Can you telle me where to find basic dress , pants , blouse ect…to use in the apps please. Maybe it does existe and I did not find it yet. I will await your updates. Thank to you all I am so glad I found this apps!!! Salutation


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Welcome @Mijo

check out There are several patterns shared there. Also, are many patterns shared her on the forum, but not nicely cataloged. there is also the wiki

Please ignore the fact that the URL says valentina. That is left over and has not yet been updated.

Please feel free to keep posting on this forum. We are a friendly lot and surely there is someone who can help with almost any question.

Hello and TY . I am quite lost here really I tought it would be wayyyyyy easier . Sort of plug and play :wink: My respect to you fine people pattern maker I bow . …I will lookup the link
I will register on the cloud.

Have a great aftenoon Mijo

TY I think this link is just what I need to start ;



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I started off with the Helen joseph Armstrong book Pattern Making for Fashion Design and adapted the instructions for the basic blocks to digital format.

There is going to be a learning curve, and sometimes it requires problem solving or asking on here.

Ok Thank you very much

Hi again, @Mijo

You will find some patterns on that you may play with, but it will be very difficult because you don’t know how to create them, so how do you change them into the designs that you want?

Here, I shared some files to get someone started: New member, any spanish speakers?

And then there are some videos and links in the User Manual above.

I have not looked at this part of the WIKI in many months and I just noticed that the diagrams seem to have disappeared from the sleeve tutorial I wrote. I will look at this and try to make them reappear

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TY appreciated I am nor Spanish but french if you did wander…:wink: Merci

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TY very much for the tips :wink:

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:slight_smile: I noticed that :slight_smile: but neither my Spanish nor my French work very well, and, sometimes I need to make very lengthy replies, so I’ve taken to replying in English. Any of the posts that you find on the forum can be translated by right-clicking on the white margin area and choosing Translate to ???.