File error

Exception: invalid version. Maximum supported version is 0.6.0

I cant open my pattern anymore. Error above appears. What does this mean and is there a way to fix it


Oh dear! That’s no fun.

Could you post your Operating System, & Seamly2D release date? The release date of Seamly2D that you made you pattern in would probably be helpful as well. Unfortunately, the version number of Seamly2D is currently nearly meaningless, unless it’s from before

& if you could also upload a copy of the VAL for us to review, (& possibly fix the xml by hand,) that would be most helpful.

You could also try downloading one of the recent weekly releases & seeing if that happens to work better: Seamly2D Releases · GitHub

We’re glad to have you here, & we hope that we can get you running smoothly in short order!

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It would indicate trying to open a newer version pattern in an older version of the program. The current *.val ver is 0.6.1. Did you by chance open the pattern in one of recent weekly builds, and are trying to open in an older ver?

Don’t fret… I’m pretty sure like Pneumarian suggested downloading the latest ver will open the pattern. If not, we’re pretty good at hand fixing the files.


Yes… I forget exactly where the build ver comes from to go into the About dialog. I should though recover the update work I did on the Help menus & About dialogs.

That being said… I think the alerts regarding the supported version needs some work - it’s confusing and the message doesn’t really tell the user what the problem is. Worse it offers no solution. I think an alert simply stating something like “You need a newer version of the application to open this pattern” would be more effective. And honestly - I have no idea why the version number starts with a 0 ??? To me just more spaghetti on the wall.

BTW… I just added a new background color feature, plus the rest of the Qt QColors as color options, and will address some tool name changes - so the new pattern ver will be 0.6.2 soon. :slight_smile:

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That’s because way back in the day they decided that version 1.0 would have all the features needed for a lay user to draft & cut a pattern that fits. Since one of the core features is supposed to be Seamly3D, which will allow one to fix egregious fit issues before translating to the material world, we’re still a good way from v1.0, but I think we should be at least to ß0.6.2.0

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Well here’s why the version comes up as Seamly2D… which has nothing to do with the pattern schema.

extern const int MAJOR_VERSION = 0;
extern const int MINOR_VERSION = 6;
extern const int DEBUG_VERSION = 0;
extern const int SUPER_MINOR__VERSION = 1;
extern const QString APP_VERSION_STR(QStringLiteral("%1.%2.%3.%4")


So given a pattern schema 0.6.1 any app ver of will open the pattern. When the schema changes to 0.6.2, the app version should become… and so on. What a concept.

But again… I would ditch the preceding 0… it just looks bad… Yup - six years later and we’re still on Ver 0.


Let’s fix the versioning scheme, it’s a mess. Continue discussion on new thread: