[Feature Request] Inlay Tool?


Is there any plan to add something like an Inlay Tool? Would be really helpful! I picture it working like the lines and curves, but maybe with the ability to spread outward from existing points and have a shaded or pattern hatched look to it. Perhaps you could click on a line and just “pull” the inlay out from it, then select the width of it in numerical format (like 3/4 inch or 1 inch, etc)

The shaded areas are inlays. The distance from points can graduate smoothly.

Would be cool if other instructions like ironwork manipulation could be added in, too.


There is a lot going on here, more than simply having some seam allowances which are 0 width, some narrow, and some with extra width for a hem.

There currently is a Bias option in the Seam Allowance tool where the begin and end widths of the seam allowance can be adjusted, so the inlays at the back armscye, front armscye, and neck curve may already be possible.

The ‘chopped’ corner of the seam allowance at the front armscye point is of interest, and so is the front hem where the seamline has a curve but the inlay has a corner. So this deserves more discussion.

Do you have more examples of special inlays?