Exporting Tiled PDF

Hello! I just finished my first pattern and now I am trying to export it as a pdf. I have it set up to print as a tiled pdf correctly, but I was hoping to save it as a tiled pdf on my computer (instead of having the whole document on one large pdf page). Is there a way that I can export a tiled pdf? Thank you!


What kind of computer do you use? I know that in Ubuntu Linux there is a dropdown near the top of the print window to choose the printer used to be Print to File (PDF). I assume that the same is true for all the others as well.

I hope this helps!


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If you go to “File” → “Print” → “Print tiled PDF” there should be a drop-down where you can choose the printer. Here select “Print to PDF”, that should do the trick.


Or, while in Layout mode you can simply select the Export tool button, export@2x select tiled pdf as the format, edit your filename, and press Save. BTW… once you use the Export dialog, it will remember the last format you used, so if you’re always exporting the same format, you don’t have to change the format field.