Existing SVG file as a background



@Grace, yes I would agree but it’s all about community interest, and the underlying things can be included if there’s a tasty carrot. I consider the underlying foundational fixes to be as appetizing as cardboard to users, and the SVG image feature gets people excited (and has done so for many years) so it’s the carrot. This is the secret to successful fundraisers, finding the appropriate carrot.


I would contribute to this feature. I use the approach of coding the image name into the source code and re-compiling quite a bit!


I usually draft small scale patterns by hand and my poor brain is just having a hard time getting the hang of using the software to draft pieces.(That is all me not the software) being able to use a scan of my hand drawn stuff to scale up to people sizes would be awesome. I am starting to figure out how the formulas work but it’s very slow progress as I am always fighting my mind to stay on task! If this was a feature you had to pay a one off fee for I would be quite happy with that too.