Errors in French translation of measurements



Here are some mistakes I found in the French translation of measurements.

Bad spelling :

  • H07 (encolure_sur_pointrinedev) : please change name to "encolure_surpoitrine_dev".

Duplicated measurement:

  • G12 (poitrine_dev) and G12 (size) : please eliminate the measurement “size” and keep “poitrine_dev”.

Wrong descriptions:

  • H32 (taille_bassin_cote) : please change “taille latéral à sur-poitrine latéral” to “Taille à bassin en latéral”.
  • H38 (pente_epaule_encolure_dos) : please change “Hauteur pente d’épaule à l’encolure latérale” to “Pente d’épaule à l’encolure dos”.
  • G29 (quart_tour_poitrine) : please change “Arc de sur-poitrine, devant.” to “Arc de poitrine, devant”.

Bad name :

  • N02 (longueur_entrejambe) : the name is bad because it’s the same as N01, so N01 doesn’t even appear in the French version of SeamlyMe. Please change name to “longueur_entrejambe**_dos**”.

If I find some more mistakes, I’ll post them here.


Hi @Jocel!