Error when adding known A23 waist_to_floor



The problem is easy to duplicate.

Open TAPE Create a new measurement file Add new known measurement (A23 waist_to_floor)

the name of the new measurement will be filled in as “waist_to_floor” The formula will be filled in as “(height_waist_front - leg_crotch_to_floor)” which is incorrect The description will be filled in as Vertical height from Waist Back to floor. (‘Height: Waist Front’’ - ‘Leg: Crotch to floor’’). which is also incorrect.

Waist_To_Floor should be a simple measurement, which is correctly shown on the measurement diagram. Even if it were to be calculated, the formula given would give an incorrect result.

should I create an issue to document this?


yes please. I have several measurement issues which need to be completed.