Error reopening pattern file .val

I am having an issue trying to open a file I created last night. I have not changed versions since then nor have I had any troubles with others files I have created. Rebooted machine just encase, didn’t help. (windows 10)

Basic dress block.val (11.0 KB)

Your file was corrupted. Basic dress block.val (11.0 KB)

Do you remember how to repeat this bug?

no idea I made it, saved it with the save button (vs file/save) multiple times then closed it when i was finished by hitting the X i imagine. I created all of the points and lines and what not inside, Used the flip tool a few times during and created the work pieces.

(going purely on memory, which in my case is spotty at best) I “think” I may have gotten on of those errors while saving it that said something about 2 different version… Sounding like I created it in one version, opened it in a different version and tried to save it in the newer version.

Like this one, but with different version numbers.

Also I think I clicked “do not show again” And way I can get that to start showing again for testing purposes?

In this case i don’t know how to fix it.

I tried to recreate the issue and no luck so far. even with getting that same error again saving it.

hi please upload jennifer mallet.vit your measurement

Jennifer Maillet.vit (4.3 KB)

Basic dress block.val (11.1 KB) fixed pattern

kewl Thanks How did you pull that off?

Probably the same way i did long time ago. See my first reply.

your first reply was


Your file was corrupted. Basic dress block.val2 (11.0 KB)

Do you remember how to repeat this bug?

and the second one was :wink:


In this case i don’t know how to fix it.

In my first reply i posted fixed file and asked you how to repeat the bug.

But because you cannot tell me how to repeat i cannot help you to fix the bug in the code, only the file.:wink:

oh , i did’t realize you posted the fixed file. lol Was it something I did to break it / something I can avoid in the future?

I don’t know what caused the error.

u r welcome just by some knowledge on xml and programming.

dear @dismine may be the feature preferences::configuration::Decimal separator parts with os options damasges some decimal digits replacing DOT with COMMA corrupts decimals

Are you speaking about this case, right?

yes and @Trine

that i fixed her file in same way and may be some others

Could you provide at least one string you fixed in the original file posted in this thread?

Actually I get this message frequently, even on the first manual save after creating a new file in v0.6.0. Haven’t slowed down long enough to confirm exactly under what circumstances this occurs. It seems like it’s not a problem for me. My files are not corrupted, I have no issues with data loss.

I just click ‘Yes’ and keep going. No problem, I think it’s just an internal format version recognition issue. It doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with your pattern.