Error opening patterns created in V4



Hi, I’ve upgraded to version 6 as seen below: and now I can’t open patterns that I created in V4 - I get the following error: Is this normal? Do I have to recreate the pattern in V6?


Did you install this week’s Test Windows version?


@Grace, first of all your test build is stale. I checked commit hash and changes that bring new pattern format version (0.5.0) was not there yet. But i had found another bug. Maybe this is reason why you cannot open files. Please, update to the lastest test build.

Can you send me the file you cannot open? I want to look on it.


Ok, thank you. I was working on my laptop last night and it wouldn’t open there. It opens fine on my PC which has the latest test build.

Thank you very much for finding the problem before I did :slight_smile: