Error inserting a pin


Hi, I’ve recently installed the program uploaded on 10 July 2017. I’m busy creating the sleeve detail of the pattern and inserting pins for the labels and with each pattern piece I get this error:

If I close the file and reopen it, I don’t get the error until I try to insert a pin on the next pattern piece.

Here is the file: Leenas Patterns Bodice Block.val (51.8 KB)

(it doesn’t need a .vit file, the measurements are included in the .val)

I’ve continued creating the detail and it didn’t do this error when I did the skirt. It seems it was only with the sleeves.

Can someone check if they also get the error and let me know if I should create an issue for it, please?


Can’t reproduce. Which point do you add?


The point I’m using for the pin is B2


I can add it even twice. Let’s wait new test build.


I also seem to be getting other errors. I don’t know if it’s because it’s really cold or because I’ve used the variables for the measurements instead of creating a measurement file in Tape.

In this error, I was drawing a in line between 2 points:

After clicking the OK, the pattern was all greyed out so I closed it using the Menu-Window-Close. Reopened it and I’ve managed to do the line without any problems.


Probably what you did before is also important.


Ok, thank you :slight_smile: I’ve been managing on all the other pieces. It was only the 3 sleeves that I had the problem. And I rebooted the pc & still got it.

Directly before trying to draw the line, I created the dart using the tool in Operations.


Well, I’ve managed to do it the 2nd time so let’s see with the next test build, too :smile:

I’m still loving the program. Thank you very much for your help.


And how? Is it a secret?:wink:


:laughing: no, it just worked.