'Error Bad Id' when drawing Line to True Dart point

‘Error Bad Id’ when drawing Line to True Dart point

I have a similar error. When I try to draw a line between any of the True Dart points I get a little pop-up window that says “Warning” and then Seamly2D shuts down. It happens between any of the points included in the True Dart. Has this been reported before?


Hello and welcome to the Seamly2D Forum, @Joanww

I was working with the True Dart tool yesterday and didn’t experience any errors. Can you let us know what OS you’re working with and also the Seamly2D version, please, so the @Douglas can have a look? Perhaps you can also upload your pattern file & measurement file, so that we can test it on your pattern.

Sure, I use Windows 11 and the Seamly2D version is 2023.4.3.212. I’ve attached a screenshot of the exact version from the Help menu. This actually got me thinking maybe I should update my version? But I don’t see how other than to download it again. Is that correct?I’ll have to upload my pattern and mmt files separately since it only allows one upload for new users. :smiley:

Basic Bodice side dart.val (15.2 KB)

Thank you!

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…and here is the measurement file… Joan_5-23-23.vit (7.7 KB)

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I checked your patterrn, and it seemed to work fne in my current build… there was an update release to fix this issue. Grab the latest release and you should be fine.

Sorry about that. I improved the display of the Properties Editor, and with 50+ tools it’s like juggling 2 dozens balls in the air. :roll_eyes:The Dart tool slipped through the cracks.


Yes, that’s correct. The link is at the top of this page. :smile:

I wanted to let you know that I reinstalled Seamly2D with the latest version and it now works fine. Thank you!


Buenas tardes. Sería posible cuando actualicen las versiones de SEAMLY2D, que existiera una mensaje en este block y nos llegara automáticamente por correo electrónico a todos?. Esto porque supongo que cada actualización nos beneficia a todos. Gracias y disculpen la molestia que esto pueda causarles.

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Cada semana los cambios se hacen y están listos para descargar un lunes, así que si haces clic en el enlace en la parte superior de la página un martes, podrás instalar los últimos cambios.

Hay un ajuste en tu perfil donde puedes decir qué correos quieres recibir del foro Seamly2D, pero no creo que este enlace sea uno de ellos, ya que el mensaje es estático y no se regenera cada vez que se sube la nueva versión a Github.


Every week the changes are made and ready for download on a Monday, so if you click on the link at the top of the page on a Tuesday, you will be able to install the very latest changes.

There is a setting in your profile where you can say which emails you would like to receive from the Seamly2D forum, but I don’t think this link will be one of them, since the message is static and isn’t regenerated every time the new version is uploaded to Github.

I believe the “Check for updates” in the Help->About Seamly2D dialog is working again.

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Ah! Thank you, @Douglas. I’ll check it out :star_struck: