Error and crash

So, I’m using ver 6.0 test build. Recently, everytime I click the workpiece tool to trace my pattern, it always crashed and closed. I only can trace one pattern at a time. Then the second I’m going to trace another pattern, it crashed.

For example: I need to trace “crown-frontnotch-C4-backnotch-crown” and “backnotch-C4-frontnotch-C3-C5-C2-backnotch”. The first pattern works fine, but when I’m about to trace the second pattern and click “backnotch”, it crashed and closed suddenly.


It looks like this:

error layout

Fortunately, there’s auto-saving so my works are not lost. Maybe I did something wrong? Thanks!

What OS are you using and can you post the pattern (val) and measurement (vit) files to see if we can determine what the issue is?

I’m using windows 10. When I’m working on the previous pattern just yesterday it works fine. It’s only acting up today. Here is the pattern and measurement:

pattern dress no 2.val (97.8 KB)

measurements size s.vit (1.5 KB)

Thank you!

Edit: I noticed the error only happen when I’m working on sleeve pattern. Or at least it doesn’t happen while I’m working on pattern piece 1 and 2.

Hi @alexandria_tale, I was able to add a new detail using detailpath = backnotch, frontnotch, Spl_crown_fah, C3, C2, Spl_c1_crown using our current code (not updated lately). So it’s not your pattern. We’re currently replacing ‘Valentina’ with ‘Seamly2D’ and it takes some time. Thanks for your patience! :slight_smile:

What do you mean by detailpath? Is that new feature? Alright, thank you very much!

detail path = Main path of your detail workpiece, as shown in the image :slight_smile: You can see part of the new detail workpiece I created using this path (backnotch, frontnotch, SplPath_crown_fah, C3, C2, SplPath_c1_crown) in the image. It is in the upper right of the image. It doesn’t have a seam allowance yet.

Ahh, I see! Alright, thank you so much!

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