Erreur critique, HELP



Hello, I don’t understand why but I’m unable to open my file that I have recently close. I have to modify the file before printing. Here you have the valentina File and a .svg file to see what it has to be.

Can you repare it ? or do I have to do it again ? Do you know what is the problem to evoid it next time ? Thank you a lot


djelaba.val (66,8 Ko)


Please, publish file mesures10_GL.vit.


mesures10_GL.vit (1,3 Ko)


Nothing critical. Please, wait little bit. I want to check if all will be okay.


Here is your repaired file djelaba_fixed.val (66.8 KB)

One of internal paths was marked as removed. First of all learn how to make reserve copies. Plus, looks like we have a bug. Removing internal path triggered even if tool Union details still using an internal path.

I will investigate and if will find something release a patch.


hello, Thank you a lot !! for reparation and reactivity !!



Thank you for the bug report. :slight_smile: