Ease of use options


Would you create an issue that Tape doesn’t retain it’s Preferences on upgrade, specifically the measurement unit?


Character minimum requires that I write all this before saying

Sure thing :slight_smile:


Question… Is there a way to save a default seam allowance size rather than the 0.393701 that comes up and I have to manually change on every seam? I can’t find anywhere it would be


:grinning::+1: I should remember this.

This can be a good idea for new proposal.


should I put that in as a user request in the bug tracker thing. or just make a post on the forum?


Please, make a user request in the bug tracker. The forum is good place for discussions, but it is pretty easy to lost requests here. :slight_smile:


lol, yeah I figured as much. just wanted to make sure Thanks


As for zooming, may I suggest using this setup, which is mostly the same as Inkscape?


  1. Zoom out
  2. Zoom in
  3. Zoom to current selection
  4. Zoom to current pattern piece
  5. Zoom to everything


One thing that would make points easier to enter would be a ‘compass rose’ to quickly set 0, 90, 180, 270 ( 45, 135… 30, 60 …) instead of over typing angle value after skew a ‘square down’ or ‘square across’


FWIW, holding down <SHIFT> while dragging will lock lines into multiples of forty-five degrees, just like other programs.


Thanks - was not aware of that option.


You are most welcome. I’m glad that I was able to help.