Download links


I can’t download links. I’ve submitted my email multiple times, tried a different email, and the links do not appear in my email inboxes, spam folders or anywhere else. Activation link for forum came through instantly. it’s been about 45 minutes of trying. I see older posts from over a year ago to test build links, but that sounds like it is probably out of date. How do I get a link to the current version?


I guess that was just for valentina? I installed Seamly 2d so I think I’m good.


HI @Heather!

Welcome to the forum! Glad you could download Seamly2D.
Be sure to work through the Beginner’s tutorial, and post your questions here to the forum.

BTW, which website were you looking at when you couldn’t download the software?


This one: Download | Seamly2D

The problem was that I was trying to get the Valentina links to my email, thinking I needed them to download Seamly 2D, which didn’t make sense but then again I didn’t understand why else the emailed link request would be the first thing on the site. I then just clicked to download seamly 2d with no trouble. Thanks!


Yeah the website is a bit confusing. We’re trying to keep the downloads available to actual people, so the email entry is required.