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One additional option for Windows would be to use the package manager, Chocolatey. That would make installation and updating a breeze for clients. Here is what y’all need to know about creating Chocolatey packages. (I suggest y’all advise clients to install the Chocolatey GUI for a more comfortable environment.)



What benefits does a Windows user gain with this rather than the current Seamly Windows installations that would make the added maintenance worthwhile?

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As with any other package manager–like the Windows Store–clients would be able to handle the installation and updating of Seamly2d as easily as any other app, which can be the difference between trying it and walking away for those who aren’t tech-savvy.

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From my research, unless one is installing Seamly on multiple computers (which is going to be a tech savy IT person) - like in a business environment - I see no benefit in using Chocolatey to install Seamly. The apps are all self contained in 1 zip / exe file, and it doesn’t take a tech savy person to install. For most users there’s no package to manage. Download and open the zip file, click the install exe, name a folder to place it in, and that’s it. If you want to check for updates and install you can do so through the help menu. update

There’s also no reason IMO to be sending Windows users to the Chocolatey repository to install the apps from either - which is just something else for us to maintain. Besides… it takes a workflow long enough to run with every PR as it is without adding another package to wait for building to see if the PR passes.

That being said… there’s nothing stopping you from forking the project and creating your own workflow to package for Chocolatey so we can test and see how it works. :slight_smile:

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