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Is there somewhere a description of what all the functions in the dialog box do. I tried many different approaches but can’t lay my finger on it. It would be a great help for me. I have a simple A4-printer. In the end I can manage to create a print but sometimes I have to make many attempts and still I don’t get it. Maybe there is someone who understands and can enlighten me. I would appreciate it very much.

Do you mean you don’t understand how the Layout generator works?

Yes. Some of them I do not understand at all, others I do more but still not what the effect is of certain choices. I made a spreadsheet to see if I could figure it out but there are too many possibilities.

Because i don’t have time to write manual about this dialog fully myself we could give this way. If you would create a page about the Layout generator in the Wiki and write all you know about it i could extend it with missed pieces. Maybe other will join us too.

Good idea. I will do that.

I made the page for you UserManual:Creating Layouts.

Also you can use old Wiki page for some info.

I started, but someone has to help me with the lay-out. When I edit the page and make a nice layout; as soon as I save it, it rearanges everything and looks terrible. This is the first time I work with Wiki so have patience with me. I have to leave it for a moment but I will come back on it.

Hi @karenc, I’ve started working on the Tape and this may help you to get started. You can copy and paste the following into the document which will create the basic (easy) layout that we’ve been using in the other sections of the wiki and then edit the text. I hope this helps :slight_smile:

<languages />


== Valentina User Manual: Tape == <!--T:1-->

===About Tape===
Tape is the integrated program that one uses to record and save Standard(Multisize) Measurements and Individual Measurements.

====Starting a New Set of Measurements====
Once you have Tape open, you will be presented with a blank screen which asks you to select a new measurement file.
At this point, you may select File, Open, and select a measurement file that you wish to edit, or ...
You may click on the 'Open Individual' Button to edit an Individual Measurement file, or ...
You may click on the 'New' Button to create a new measurement file.


=====Standard (Multisize) Measurements=====
Standard Measurements are measurements that increase by a set value over a number of sizes and are determined by Height and Width or Vertical and Horizonal. For example, a person could wear a size 10 blouse, but, because they are short, the blouse could be worn as a dress unless they take the hem up. So by choosing both their height (vertical) and size (horizontal), a pattern for the blouse could be created that will automatically adjust the armhole, length to waist and many other dimensions to have as close a fitting garment as possible very easily, which could be used to create a pattern for someone who is very tall and relatively thin, as well.

I am repeating this bit about choosing the Height and Size of an Individual so that you can understand the importance of being accurate in entering the correct data into Tape. If the data is faulty, your patterns won't resize correctly and your patterns will be unusable:

An example of choosing Height and Size of an Individual who is 128cm tall and normally wears a size 30:<br>

As you can see from the above images, I have changed the size and B11 has moved slightly to the right (A4 to B11 is the only line in this example that I am actually using a formula from the measurements) and you can see that the move caused the front shoulder to move out of the image.

======Creating a Standard (Multisize) Measurements File======
In this section, I will be creating a new Standard(Multisize) Measurement file so I will click on the 'New" Button.

======Groups of Measurements======

* [[UserManual:Tape|About Tape]]
* [[UserManual:Tape|Starting a New Set of Measurements]]
* [[UserManual:Tape|Standard (Multisize) Measurements]]

I made my changes.:slight_smile:

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Ha, there is not much left of my description. I don’t mind; I see what you do; you brought it back to the essence. But…there is always a but with me; I am 62 years old. Only three years ago I started sewing and making my own patterns. A couple of months ago I went to a sewing class in my town. When I mention Valentina, they all look very frightened. I think it is a big step for normal people to even try using Valentina. One said to me that she thought she had to go somewhere else to do the printing and when I told here that she could use her own printer she was pleased to here it and made notice of the site Valentina. What’s my point: well I think that for normal people like me the explanation can’t be broad enough. I agree that the user manual will get extensive and maybe ‘we’ don’t want that?

Your description was far from completed. But you helped me with tips about what you don’t understand.

Can you explain why they reacted this way?:slight_smile:

Unfortunately you are absolutely right. Valentina designed for people with some pattern making background. It is just a tool, not replacement of pattern maker.

Community make the manual. If you feel that the manual doesn’t cover all aspects you can improve it. All i did is some base. It is always easier to extend than create from scratch.

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Sorry for reacting so late. I am very thankful for what you did. At least there is a basis now. (and the layout is good:relaxed:) I was just starting a discussion on how far you go to explain to people. Maybe on a different place?