Detail doesn't stay in place

Hi, this is how the Detail-mode looks.

And this is how the lay-out looks. Whatever I try; changing size of paper etc. The line never goes back in place. So this is just an example.

Please, try to move your details in the Detail mode.

I think I know why now. The detail isn’t linked to the pattern but to the line which goes all the way over the two pattern pieces,

You made a common mistake. Your internal path connected to wrong detail.

I couldn’t get acces to it in the Detail mode. When deleting the back-piece from the detail mode, the line stayed. When I removed the front-piece it also was removed. So it behaves like it belongs to the front part.

This is how the pattern looks like.

So I can only make the line on the right place when I connect the two pattern pieces ?

Show me your pattern.

6 m ago I showed you

No, you didn’t. It is like showing a doctor photo and saying please heal me. I need the file.

How about file Maten_Karen_Duits.vit?

What did you give me? This file contains only drawing and none details.

This is how I solved it.

I am sorry. I already moved on. Do you wish me to replicate the situation and then send it?

No need if you have fixed it.

But I think it is not a nice way. When you make the pattern, all the lines are connected. Then you want to lay the pattern pieces in the layout. Seperatly, but when you want to include details, some are not possible.

@karenc Please send @dismine a private message with your *.val pattern file and *.vit measurement file, they will stay private. You have found a ‘workaround’ but we need to know what happened. Thanks very much for taking the time to send your files to him.

@karenc On the front pattern piece, you have two internal paths. The first is the line on the front pattern piece (“taille voor”) The second is the line on the back pattern piece (“taille acheter”)

Please remove the “taille acheter” in the front pattern piece, and add it to the detail of the back pattern piece.

Hope this helps!