Demo pattern showing all Valentina drawing operations


I made a pattern showing all Valentina drawing operations, line styles and colours.

You can discover using your intuition theses operations by clicking on each point, the tool option panel will show the operation and its parameters. Note you have to right click on the point and select option in the pop-up menu to get the involved points.

operations-demo.val (15,1 Ko)

Note: there is a minor bug on Bezier curve intersection having same start and stop point.

Last a detail demo:

detail-demo1.val (4,3 Ko)


Does this need a specific version of Valentina - as when I try to load detail-demo1.val I get validation error about a path element in line 31.

 <path id="16" typeLine="dashDotLine" name="Fold" type="2">
                <node idObject="14" type="NodePoint"/>
               <node idObject="15" type="NodePoint"/>

I am using


Yes. Do you know that Monday is a day when i publish new test build? Your test build version is several weeks stale. And judging by format version <version>0.4.2</version> in the file it was made in the latest test build version.


Thanks. On latest version loads OK


@dismine this exchange (the issue of a pattern file not working with a later version) makes me think of something called an interface control from when i worked on large projects (telemetry processing for satellites) where it became a huge expense to change an interface. I will start a new thread about interface control

Versioning strategy

I will continue this discussion in the “versioning” topic under the development category. please feel free to tell me if it needs to be somewhere else