Deleting lines, curves etc

I had difficulties in deleting curves, lines and points in a pattern piece. Most of them did not show up as deletable. Some advice to those newbies in a similar struggle: 1) You may have added the curves and lines in Draw mode and details tab, and moved to Details mode to create the pattern layout. If the object is connected to a pattern in details - it will not be deletable. In Details mode: Right click and delete the pattern there. Go back to Draw mode and right klick on objects you want to delete. 2) Back in Draw mode: If the object is not deletable. Make sure it is not connected to a pattern ( β€œ1)” ). Make sure it is not used as a base for another formula or as the base for a line, curve, point etc.

An interesting project you have going on with Valentina. Congratulations to all contributors!


Thanks @Wetdesign

Yes, the order is important. If an object A has been used to create another object B (point, line, curve, etc) then the child B objects must be deleted before parent A object can be deleted.

Find out all the children of an object A by right clicking on A and renaming it. Prompts will appear with all the formulas which use A. It’s a nice trick to know how many objects must be deleted before deleting A.

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