Default labels for new points


I started a discussion about this in the issue tracker but it was the wrong place to start. Hier is a link to the issue:

When a user changes the label of the base point of a pattern piece, the default label of the next points created won’t reflect the name of the base point. For instance if a user changes the base point from A to Z, the default labels of the created point would still be A1, A2… although it would be nice to have automatically Z1, Z2…

If the user doesn’t want to use the default letter, it would be usefull to be able to specify a prefix for the generation of the default labels. This way the user wouldn’t have to edit each label by hand.

It’s not an essential feature, it would only help a little bit the users who care about label-naming. What are you thoughts on this?


I thought about your request and unfortunately don’t see an easy way to implement it. We will have too much problems with data if will save information about a prefix for a pattern piece. What is easy from user perspective not so always easy to implement from developer perspective.

You described a particular case where your prefix match a letter from an alphabet. The label generator was designed only to give valid names. And cover case where a user don’t care about a label and want quick valid result. In all other cases a user should create own labels.

Unfortunately for us very important to have unique labels in each case. So i see a lot problems checking and keeping labels unique if allow a user to select own prefix.

I don’t say it is impossible and maybe latter i will find solution that will satisfy me, but now i wanna keep all as it is now. Simple as possible.