Curves parallel. Is this possible?

Bonjour, I wanted to know if it is possible to create two parallel curves. It is necessary for a collar for example. Thank you in advance.


Yes, It is possible to copy and move the curve

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Use Move tool in section Operations. Available since 0.5.0.

Thank you very much for the information but I have difficulty so that they are really parallel to the other one.

Give us more info. Which way you used? Show us image.

Please, send me a test pattern. I will check.

Bonjour Received you the file which I sent you a few days ago ? Thank you in advance.

Yes, it is in the queue. Please, wait.

Your file is broken.

@Anita, i checked your file and the Move tool works fine. I think you got wrong result because did not used the Move tool to create points A141 and A150.

And sorry for so slow Valentina. Your pattern is really heavy for Valentina right now.:sweat:

I am sorry I thought that you had not received it

Bonjour, Thank you very much for your reply. Sorry, I don’t understand how works “section Operations” in spite of severals tries.

(Désolée, je n’ai pas compris le fonctionnement de “section opérations” malgré plusieurs recherches. Je ne maitrise pas cette section. c’est pourquoi pour compenser ce manque, j’ai ajouté des points et des lignes dans mon patron. Ce qui effectivement doit alourdir le fichier).

Merci beaucoup pour vos recherches et bon courage à vous.

Hold CTRL key and select several objects. Or use rubber band.

Here is a video of a rotated dart, using the Rotate tool in the Operations group. To select multiple points in the Rotate tool, hold down the Ctrl key. Then when all points selected press Enter. (One point will remain selected after pressing Enter.) Then select the dart point as the origin of rotation. For the angle, you don’t have to type in (AngleLine_P1_P2 - AngleLine_P3_P4), you can select both angle of lines in the f(x) dialog, but I wanted everyone to be familiar with this naming convention for an angle of a line.



Thank you very much for this video which allows me to understand the functioning. It is brilliant !! (génial !!). I am going to use it at the moment.

Good day to all the team !!!


Hi, i am actually trying to draw a parallele curve and can’t seem to find an easy way to do so

from what i understood this tool moves the whole pattern piece, not a few selected points or lines. would be very helpful if you could explain in a little more detail please.

thank you

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No, the move tool will copy the points selected, including the curve and move it to where you want it to be. It will add a suffix of ‘a1’ to the point labels so that you can see where it comes from.

There is a manual method:
The blue curve is the original curve. I can create instructions on how to accomplish this in Seamly2D this afternoon, will post it in a few hours :smiley: 5cMLD