Curve Direction after flipping objects by axis


I have created the left front half of a sports bra bodice and I am trying to use the “flipping objects by axis” to mirror the right half and then merge the two pieces to create the front sports bra bodice. After reflecting the object, the curve lines of the reflected half are in the counter clockwise direction, thus preventing me from generating a pattern piece in the Layout mode. How do I change the curves to run in the clockwise direction after using the “flipping objects by axis” tool?

I am using the 5.0 Mac OSX version.

Many thanks, Theodore

Hello, use your seam allowance tool to create the detail. And then in details mode you will need to right click on the spline(s)/curves in question and “reverse” the direction.


Hi neverthejetsetter,

Thank you for your advice. That worked!

Best, Theodore

Excellent. Good to hear. It is also definitely confusing when using the Seam Allowance Tool on a flipped object, as the visual aid to show your selection does not show up on the splines (and even shows as a straight line between points), so you do have to be mindful of what needs to be selected, and what has been selected. But once you used to how it works, it isn’t a such a big deal.

use shift when you click the counterclockwise curves! easier than doing it afterwards and you will see the visual aid correctly.


Ooh! Sweet. That worked perfect. Thank you for the tip.